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Welcome to Bedford Falls in Bedford, New Hampshire - Now Open!

We are thrilled to introduce you to Benchmark Senior Living’s newest community. Bedford Falls joins a family of over 40 communities in New England making a world of difference in the lives of seniors and their families. The name “Benchmark” means a standard by which others are measured, and it reflects our focus on excellence. We look forward to sharing the ways we help our residents discover happier, healthier lives.

Just like the place where George Bailey discovered “It’s a Wonderful Life,” our Bedford Falls is a place where family and friends will always take care of each other. It’s a community that wouldn’t be the same without each of the people who will call it home. A place where everyone will have a purpose and people to encourage its pursuit. A place where no matter what, you can always come home again.

Click Here for a list of the green features at Bedford Falls.

Click Here for a list of the green features in the apartments at Bedford Falls.

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